CMCSS K-12 Virtual is a full-time school of choice, offering parents and students a comprehensive kindergarten through twelfth-grade virtual instruction program that can be accessed from the student's home. It is the district’s only K-12, full-time, virtual instructional program. The school year follows the CMCSS district calendar. As a school of choice, it provides students with an opportunity to learn through an interactive platform as well as live instruction through state-certified CMCSS teachers. CMCSS K-12 Virtual does not offer a summer school program; however, credit recovery opportunities will be provided for students in the summer. Students who are enrolled in CMCSS K-12 Virtual are subject to all State of Tennessee and School Board policies governing promotion, retention, and graduation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for my child to enroll?

Parent/legal guardian will access the application via the CMCSS K-12 Virtual website. The late enrollment periods are: PERIOD I: May 1 through May 30, PERIOD II: July 15 through August 15, PERIOD III: November 15 through January 15 (for second-semester enrollment). Late applications will only be accepted if there is space available to accommodate the student. While requests are being considered students must attend their zoned school. Parents/legal guardians will not be able to apply after August 15th for the fall semester or after January 15th for the spring semester.  (CMCSS Policy INS-P042)

What will my child’s schedule look like?

Schedules vary depending on the grade level of your child. All students will receive live instruction, as well as have opportunities to complete activities independently.

Are there times that my child will be required to meet in-person?

Classes may meet for in-person activities and events throughout the school year. Attendance to these events are optional and based on family preferences. However, Tennessee State law requires students in grades 3rd through 8th and students taking End of Course (EOC) classes to attend in-person testing.

How much support will my child receive?

Students will receive an abundance of support throughout the school year. Students have access to their classroom teacher, counselor, administrators, related arts teachers, computer technician, and interventionist (if applicable).

Who can attend CMCSS K-12 Virtual School?

CMCSS K-12 Virtual School is part of Clarksville-Montgomery County School System’s Schools of Choice program. Students must live within Montgomery County in order to attend.

Can my child participate in sports, band, or choir at their zoned school?

No. Students will not be permitted to continue participation in school sanctioned extracurricular activities. However, CMCSS K-12 Virtual offers specialized clubs such as Lego Robotics, Key Club, National Honor Society, book clubs, and more.

Do I need to buy my child a computer?

No. All students are provided a school system laptop for use in the virtual setting. Students also may receive consumable materials such as workbooks, textbooks, or P.E. equipment. Hotspots may also be available for those who qualify.

What is a learning mentor?

A learning mentor is a designated adult who assumes responsibility for ensuring the student’s full academic participation. The learning mentor works with the teacher as a cohesive unit. Depending on the grade level of the student, the support provided by the learning mentor will differ.

Do I have to reapply for my child to attend every year?

No.  At the end of each school year, an intention form is sent to parents and guardians asking your intent for enrollment for the next school year.  There is no need to go through the application process each year.  

Are there requirements to remain enrolled?

Yes.  In order to maintain enrollment at CMCSS K-12 Virtual School, students must have good attendance, maintain passing grades, and have good behavior.  In addition, student must be in attendance for all state testing.  If students do not remain in good standing, they will be placed on probation and  risk having to return to their zoned traditional school.  The specific criteria are located in the student handbook. 


“CMCSS K-12 Virtual has been wonderful for our child and our family! My son is thriving and learning everyday and his interaction with his teachers is amazing. We appreciate the time and effort that is taken to pick quality teachers for our child to continue to grow! I think this has been the best experience for him and plan to remain in the Virtual setting!”

Elementary School Parent
“We prefer the virtual school setting because it allows a hands-on, active role in our children’s education. It also minimizes their exposure to undesirable behaviors, pressures, and influences among their peers.”

Middle School Parent/Guardian
“My daughter enjoys virtual schooling over traditional because she’s able to better focus on her assignments without any disruptions.”
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High School Parent
“[My son] started virtual during the pandemic and continued on and will finish with the program. The sole reason was academic. We cannot thank you all enough for the hard work and focus that is put into this program. Zero complaints on any aspect. Your instructional staff are challenging, communicative and professional.”
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High School Parent


Our offices are located in the CMCSS Central Services South building located at 1312 Highway 48 in Clarksville, Tennessee.